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About DaisanExport

DaisanExport is the leading e-commerce platform in Vietnam
Launched in 2019, the Daisanexport trading platform is built to provide users with an easy, safe and fast experience when shopping online through a strong billing and operational support system.

We strongly believe that the online shopping experience must be simple, easy, and fun. This belief inspires and motivates us every day at Daisanexport.

Our Vision

Daisanexport was born with the ambition to make a big breakthrough in the field of e-commerce in Vietnam, contributing to express the aspirations of Dai San Construction & Trading Construction Joint Stock Company.

Daisanexport aims to become the leading export website for Vietnamese businesses.

Our Mission

Daisanexport creates opportunities for retailers and domestic manufacturers to expand their markets, and have a healthy, efficient development environment. Also on this system, Daisanexport provides foreign consumers and businesses with Viet Nam high quality products and services and also helps them find Vietnamese goods and suppliers faster and more efficiently. This promotes and develop the e-commerce in Vietnam and is an important part of creating a strong motivation to develop the economy, thereby contributing to the prosperity of the country.