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Operation Regulations


1. This Regulation promulgates mandatory regulations applicable to Daisanexpress E-Commerce Exchange Members (called Members) with the purpose of creating an environment of goods trading and supply activities. service provision through e-commerce website;

2. Members, traders, organizations and individuals participating in transactions on Daisanexpress E-commerce trading floor (called E-commerce trading floor) shall have to strictly comply with the contents of the Regulation.

3. All contents of this Regulation must comply with Vietnam's current legal system. Members participating in the floor must learn by themselves their legal responsibilities, comply with the law and the content of the Regulation of E-commerce trading floor.


1. E-Commerce Trading Domain Name is: https://daisanexpress.com

Daisanexpress E-commerce trading floor is developed and developed by Dai San Trading and Production Construction Joint Stock Company with the domain name of Exchange: https://daisanexpress.com. E-commerce trading floor is a place for trading between buyers and sellers and helps the process of buying and selling goods and providing services online quickly, completely by integrating online payment feature.

2. Members of E-commerce trading floor:

Traders, organizations or individuals legally operating to register their membership at E-commerce trading floor and being officially recognized by Daisanexpress Management Board (called Management Board) through the issuance of Membership Certificate or through the form of document review, to post products on the Trading Floor of E-commerce Trading Floor

- Members are responsible for implementing this Regulation;

- Members are allowed to use the service by Daisanexpress E-commerce trading floor and Daisanexpress related parties

3. Transaction address: https://daisanexpress.com

In addition to the above address, Daisanexpress E-commerce trading floor does not have any other trading address.

4. Scope of activities of E-commerce trading floor:

- Buying and selling goods and providing services allowed by law;

- The business of goods and services subject to business restrictions or goods and services subject to conditional business on e-commerce websites is also subject to the provisions of law related to goods and services. there.

Members are not allowed to post information on the sale and purchase of goods or provide services that violate fine customs and practices and violate law provisions. In case of violations, the Management Board of the Floor will have specific preventive measures under Clause 1, Section III of this Regulation.