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Resolve Complaints

DaisanExport is always responsible for receiving and handling customer complaints related to transactions at the e-commerce platform www.DaisanExport.com. When complaints and disputes arise, DaisanExport promotes a solution for negotiation and conciliation between the parties in order to maintain the relationship and the trust of customers in the quality of DaisanExport service.

The complaint process follows these steps:

Step 1: Customers complain about goods and services of Sellers purchased on DaisanExport e-commerce platform through:
- Send an email to the email address: support@DaisanExport.vn
- Call the Hotline
- Buyers send complaints at: 8 Cat Linh, Dong Da, Hanoi

Step 2: DaisanExport Care will receive complaints, contact clarifying the requirements of the Customer as soon as possible and no later than 5 working days from the date of receiving the request. Depending on the nature and extent of the incident, DaisanExport will take specific measures to assist customers in settling complaints and disputes.

Step 3: DaisanExpress may ask Customer and / or Vendor to provide information and evidence related to the transaction, products to verify, clarify the case and take appropriate action.

Step 4: In case DaisanExport has tried to resolve complaints and disputes but the incident is beyond DaisanExport's ability and authority, DaisanExport will ask the Customer to take the case to the competent State agency to resolve according to provisions of law.

DaisanExport respects and strictly complies with the provisions of the law on protecting the interests of customers (consumers). Therefore, it is suggested that Sellers on DaisanExport.vn e-commerce platform provide complete, accurate, honest and detailed information related to the product. Every act of fraud, fraud in business is condemned and must bear full responsibility before the law.

The parties include Sellers - sellers, Customers - buyers who play an important and responsible role in actively solving things. The Seller is responsible for providing documents, documents, papers, and other evidence to prove and clarify information related to the incident that is causing the Customer's conflict. Upon request, DaisanExport will provide information related to the Buyer and the Seller if agreed to by the Buyer or the Seller (related to the dispute) or to the extent permitted by law.

In the event of a transaction in which a claim or dispute is determined to be the fault of the Seller, DaisanExport will take a warning, close the account or transfer it to the competent State authorities for handling depending on the extent of violations. DaisanExport will terminate and remove all news articles about such Seller's products on DaisanExport and request Seller to compensate Customer satisfactorily on the basis of an agreement with Customer.

In case DaisanExport and the parties have tried to resolve through negotiation and agreement but still cannot resolve the conflict arising from the transaction between the Customer and the Seller, one of the Customer and the House The seller will be able to bring the case to the competent State authority to resolve the issue to ensure the legitimate interests of the parties.

Any dispute, complaint or dispute arising out of or relating to transactions on the Website or these Terms and Conditions will be settled by means of negotiation, conciliation, arbitration and / or Court. According to the Law on Consumer Protection 2010, Chapter 4 on Dispute resolution between consumers and organizations and individuals trading goods and services.